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Jeep Grand Cherokee ["ZJ"] Project

Old - Current

Components used:

TJ Gas Bezel & Locking Gas Cap. Available on Amazon or from a Jeep dealership.

1.5 hours of time

  • Drill with drill bits

  • washers for spacers

  • misc. screwdrivers and sockets

  • shop towel


Gas Bezel Gas Cap

STEP 1 - Remove stock fuel door: To remove the fuel door, you will have to remove the left-rear quarter panel from the Jeep. To do this, remove the spare tire and the two screws in that help hold the spare tire in place. Use a socket wrench to remove the fuel door and it should come right off with a pull.  

Gas 1 Gas 2 Gas 3 Gas 4 Gas 5 Gas 6

STEP 2 - Unscrew filler neck: Remove the four screws that hold the filler neck in place. When you put in the new gas bezel, you will find that the filler neck needs to be elevated from the body of the Jeep to sit flush against the bezel. Mounting the bezel directly in won't allow you to put the gas cap back on.

STEP 3 - Elevate filler neck off body: Find or create a spacer that pushes the top part of the filler neck up and out from the body. We ended up using a couple of plastic spacers we had lying around. You can use washers or small pieces of metal to do this as well. You will also need longer screws if the stock screws aren't long enough. Test fit the gas cap to make sure it can properly seal with the new bezel on.

STEP 4 - Drill holes into filler neck plate to mount bezel: Shove a shop towel or something else into the filler neck to prevent debris from entering your tank. Take a drill and drill through the existing holes on the new bezel into the filler neck so that it can be mounted properly.

STEP 5 - Screw everything back together: Place the spacers behind the filler neck and screw everything into the body using the four holes on the bezel. Remove shop towel from filler neck and put on a locking gas cap. Reattach all the panels inside the Jeep and you're good to go. While this modification offers no mechanical advantage, I think it is a great look to help your ZJ look a little more rugged and stand out.

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