Plomosa Mountains Trail

In just 13 miles, you’ll take a scenic and mostly easy and flat trail around the Plomosa Mountain Range north of Quartzsite. The small but scenic range is seldom traveled and is full of old mines which you will see as you near the main road.

Last Known Status: Open Trail type: Point-to-point Length: 14 miles total Approx. time: 2-3 hours Traffic: Light
Permit Needed: No Current Info: BLM/Yuma F.O. (928-317-3200) Nearest City: Quartzsite Elevation: 1087'-1358' Best Time: Fall-Spring

Where to go:

From the town of Quartzsite (exit #17 and exit #19 on I-10), follow main street and turn north onto Highway 95. Continue north on 95 for 5.7 miles. Turn right onto Plomosa Road. Follow Plomosa Road for 6.4 miles. Turn left off the paved road and onto a dirt road. This dirt road crosses the main road several times and is used by campers and RV’s. A staging area is available on the left after 0.2 miles.


Trail Description:

From the staging area, continue east on the wide dirt road. After about half a mile, turn sharp left onto a lesser trail. Right from the get go, this trail isn’t very wide and seldom traveled. Continue northwest as you wind along the west side of the Plomosa Mountains. You’ll cross through a large wash at 1.2 miles in addition to several smaller washes not mentioned. At about 2.1 miles you’ll cross a short stretch of unique sand dune area along the trail. Continue northwest.

The trail turns slight right for a short time and then returns to its northwest heading. At 5.0 miles, you’ll arrive at a large wash. Cross it and make sure to follow established tracks as the trail continues immediately right after crossing the wash. This is also the lowest point of the trail and has the least vegetation. The trail now heads east. Stay right at 6.0 miles across a wash where other trails continue straight and to the left. The trail begins to climb and crosses several washes before turning left and merging with a lesser trail at the 6.6 mile mark. Stay right at 7.0 miles where the trail forks. Other trails join from the left shortly after the fork. Take a slight right at 7.3 miles.

The trail continues in a northeasterly direction as it continues to cut back and forth across a wash. Stay straight at 8.2 miles where a lesser trail heads to the left. Continue to follow the most traveled track as the trail moves in and out of washes. At 9.0 miles, the trail makes a long right turn as you enter an area of red hills. At this point, there are several mines on either side of the road. Use caution if you stop to check them out. Stay right at several trails head off to the left. At this point, the trail meanders around the base of Four Peaks Butte and has a few minor washouts. Turn left at 9.6 miles as you pass through another mining area. Make a sharp right at 10.3 miles as the trail joins a more established road. More mines on the left side of the trail. The trail crosses a wash and then comes to an intersection at 10.8 miles. Stay left. Continuing straight will lead you south to Quinn Pass Trail, a longer and more difficult route back to Plomosa Road. The trail remains uneventful until it ends at Plomosa Road at 13.5 miles. Head right for Quartzsite, left for Bouse.

Notes & Trail Ratings:

This trail remains fairly easy throughout its length. Elevation change is minimal despite traversing a mountain range. We’ve rated it a ‘3’ out of ‘10’ for the occasional eroded sections and sections of wash. A stock 4x4 should be fine on this trail. Also great for OHV’s like bikes and ATV’s. The roughly 14 miles of trail should take about 2-3 hours. Add more time if you stop a lot. This trail can be taken in either direction. Consider Quinn Pass Trail on the east side of the range if you want more of a challenge.


Page last updated: 1/1/2019