Ehrenberg Sandbowl OHV Area

Take one of the few, rare opportunities to drive anywhere you want at this unique offroad area less than a mile from California and the Colorado River. Ehrenberg Sandbowl is quite literally a big sand pit with some hills where you are allowed to ride anywhere within the boundaries.


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Last Known Status: Open [Fee Area] Trail type: Open area (desert) Length: Varies Approx. time: Varies Traffic: Heavy
Permit Needed: No Current Info: BLM/Yuma F.O. (928-317-3200) Nearest City: Ehrenberg Elevation: 280'-430' Best Time: Fall-Spring

Where to go:

Take I-10 to get to Ehrenberg. Take exit #1 and proceed south. Head west on the frontage road for approximately one third of a mile past a gas station. Turn south onto Ox Bow Road and follow it south for about a mile. The entrance to the OHV area is on the left. Stage around the main entrance. There are vaulted toilets and picnic tables available. Pay the $5 entrance fee at the self-service kiosk too.


Trail Description:

The trails within Ehrenberg Sandbowl are pretty much wide open for use to any kind of vehicle. There are several different types of hills within the park that allow you to climb to the top of the numerous high points. It is best to stick to established trails, mainly so that you won’t fly off a cliff or hill, but free roaming is allowed. The terrain is almost entirely sand with a small portion of dirt. Paddle/sand tires are best for this area. There is no real “trail” here. There is a main road that you enter on which continues east but everything else is at your own discretion. Use caution when climbing hills and expect other traffic on blind turns and hills. Be aware of other vehicles at all times

Camping is allowed but do have to pay the entrance fee for the second day. The $5 fee is good for one vehicle with up to 5 people. Each additional person is $1. An annual pass is available for $75 from the BLM field office. Ehrenberg Sandbowl is a day use area and operating vehicles is allowed between 6 AM and 10 PM. There is no trash collection on site so make sure you take out whatever you brought in.

Notes & Trail Ratings:

The terrain at the Sandbowl is moderate throughout. Some of the hills can be tricky and if you venture off of an established road, it can be difficult. Use discretion before attempting an obstacle. This area is best (but not limited to) for OHV’s like dirt bikes, ATV’s, and UTV’s. You can spend anywhere from 1 hour to 10 hours here. It depends how long you ride and how fast you get bored. Observe all posted signs.

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Page last updated: 1/1/2019