Coconino County

Buck Springs Cabin


 Buck Springs Cabin is a historic Forest Service cabin on the Mogollon Rim. It is accessible via the Cabin Loop hiking trail as well as the Cabin Loop off-road trail featured on our website. The cabin’s remote location, despite relatively easy access, keeps this hidden gem unexplored by many.

    The site of Buck Springs, like other springs in the area has long been a stopping point for early travelers in the area. The first cabin at Buck Springs was built from 1903 to 1905. This cabin no longer exists today.

The two cabins that remain at Buck Springs today were built in 1923 and 1946, respectively. The smaller cabin built in 1923 was likely a replacement for the original cabin which sat to the south. In 1946, the larger of the two remaining cabins was constructed by Louie Pyle and Frank Holder, both forest service employees.

Buck Springs Cabin

Both cabins were used, and continue to be used, as fire guard stations. Fire crews are based out of the cabin in the summer months due to the remoteness of the surrounding area. The Mogollon Rim, due to its sharp rise in elevation, is prone to numerous lighting strikes during the monsoon season. The cabins remain locked and inaccessible to the public, but stand today as a testament to the remoteness of the region.

    The easiest way to get to Buck Springs Cabin by vehicle today is to take Rim Road (F.R. 300) to F.R. 137 (Cabin Loop Trail). Follow F.R. 137 north for about three and a half miles. Look for a small, easy to miss road on the right that leads a short distance to the cabin. While in the area, consider exploring the numerous great hiking trails and camping opportunities on the rim.


The smaller cabin built in 1923.

The cabins at Buck Springs.



Informational signs at Buck Springs Cabin.