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Scotty Koch - Founder, Webmaster, Photographer, Writer & Editor.

Scotty has been with azoffroad.net since the beginning. It was initially started in high school as a way to share his love of Arizona with the general public. Today, Scotty plans and goes on all trips, writes the articles, and is in charge of publishing them on the site. He is also responsible for documenting and editing content (pictures & videos) from the trips for publishing in  addition to managing social media.

When not busy with azoffroad.net, Scotty studies Earth & Environmental Studies at ASU during the year, guest writes for the Arizona Office of Tourism, and trip plans for ASU Geoclub.

Daily driver: Jeep Grand Cherokee


Scott Koch - Mechanic, driver, marketing, moral support

AKA Scott Koch Sr., he is a founding member of azoffroad.net. Since day 1, he has helped execute trips, provide content ideas, and help find local companies to advertise on our site.

Scott also serves as the azoffroad.net mechanic, helping with our Jeep build and perform any other trail maintenance before or during our trips.

In addition to his day job and helping out azoffroad.net, he manages BBSAUDIO.NET where he builds custom car audio systems.

Daily driver: Honda Accord


Susan Koch - Editor, driver, marketing, researcher, moral support

Susan is one of the founding members of our site since day 1. Today, she helps edit the site, suggest trip ideas as well as drive some trips. She always has her eye out for new places to explore, people that may be interested in the site, or businesses that would make for good advertisers.  

Outside of work, she is a full-time mom.

Daily driver: Honda Pilot


Daniel Neu, cousin of Scotty, is from Ohio. He was once an Arizona native and still enjoys making an annual trip out here for some epic trips. Most recently, he has been a co-driver/co-host on our "Offroad Expedition to the bottom of the Grand Canyon" and our "Route 66 Road Trip". He has also joined us on past trips like both "Southern Arizona Expeditions" as well as the "Northern Arizona Expedition (Part 2)"

Outside of work, Daniel studies education in Ohio.

Daily driver: Chevy Impala


Bill Legare, cousin, and owner of a transportation company from Massachusetts, Bill frequently joins us on some of our big trips. He's taken part on both "Northern Arizona Expeditions" as well as both "Southern Arizona Expeditions". He loves touring around Arizona to see all that is has to offer. Bill once called Arizona home, a few years ago, that is.

Bill has also taken us up to Maine for snowmobiling trips the past 2 years. Everytime we hang out with Bill, a fun trip is guaranteed to happen.

Daily driver: GMC Sierra


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