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Water!:  Water is extremely important on any trip through out Arizona. It is best to pack at least 1 gallon per person per day. Without water, any unexpected event can turn your trip into a disaster.


Pack Light: It is best not to bring too much with you on a trip. However, it is better to over pack then under pack on supplies. Make sure expect to stay overnight on a trail,  just in case.


Offroad Tips

Trail Ratings Driving/Offroading Tips Responsible Riding Helpful Contacts

Click here for a definition of our trail ratings used throughout our website

Click here for explanations on what to do in certain scenarios you may encounter while driving offroad

Click here for examples of good trail riding ethics you should to be a responsible rider

Click here for contact information for important government agencies like the BLM or the Game and Fish Department or how to get/renew an OHV Decal

Below, find some helpful tips and tricks that will assist you while driving and offroading in Arizona. We hope these tips will make your trip safer and more fun!