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Lake Pleasant Day Trip

So before we tell you how to get there, here are two boat rental companies that will help you out tremendously if you don’t have a boat of your own. The first is Lake Pleasant Watercraft Rentals. With this company, you can rent pontoons, sport boats, jet skis and water toys. To reach them visit The second company is based out of the brand new Scorpion Bay Marina. With Scorpion Bay Boat Rentals, you can also rent pontoon boats, sport boats, ski boats, and kayaks. Both Marina’s feature many docks, and even restaurants, including a Dillion’s at the Scorpion Bay Marina. For more information on rentals visit or visit for more information on the marina.


Lake Pleasant sits north of Phoenix. From the West Valley, take the Loop 101 to Union Hills Dr. exit. As soon as you get off, turn right onto 83rd Ave, which will turn into Lake Pleasant Parkway. After 11 miles, you’ll turn left onto AZ-74 and follow that until you get to either Pleasant Harbor Blvd, or Castle Hot Springs Road, depending on what you want to do. From central Phoenix, you can take the I-17 north until you get to Carefree Highway (AZ-74). Either way will take just over an hour and is roughly only 40 miles, not a bad drive to get to water, in Arizona!


So once you finally get on the Lake, here are some great things to do.  First is to use some of the water toys you may have rented. Lake Pleasant offers plenty of surface area out of the way to do some water tubing or water skiing. Next is fishing. With plenty of hidden coves all around the Lake (but especially the north side), you’ll have ample space to try to catch some of the fish in Lake Pleasant. Third you have photography. Lake Pleasant provides plenty of photo-ops with the spectacular back drops of the Bradshaw and Hieroglyphic Mountains. On the north end of the Lake you’ll find this, along with the Agua Fria River, one of the lake’s main water sources. On the south end, you’ll find the marinas and the New Waddell Dam, where the water is the deepest. These are just a few of many ideas. Others include diving, sail boating, soaring (at Pleasant Valley Airport), OHV trails around the lake and just plain old relaxing. The number of recreational activities is many at Lake Pleasant and we guarantee you won’t get bored!



















No matter what you do, this trip is perfect for the whole family! Take some time on the weekend to relax on the water, have some fun tubing, or even cast a line out for a while. Lake Pleasant is just one of the many lakes close to Phoenix which provide ever important water to the valley as well as numerous recreational activities. Plan for most of the day for this trip! For more information visit, Visit the Lake Pleasant Regional Park website by clicking here.

Overview of the trip from the West Valley to Lake Pleasant


40 miles from Phoenix | Food | Gas | Water Activities

   Lake Pleasant provides a perfect day trip and a refreshing escape from the intense desert heat. Lake Pleasant sits just over an hour north of Phoenix and provides the water enthusiast with over 10,000 acres (that’s over 15 square miles) of water! Even if you don’t have your own boat, there are plenty of places to rent one for the day, or even for half a day. In this article, we’ll tell you how to get to the lake, what to do when you’re there, and places to see!

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Area trails: