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If you have a passion for exploring Arizona, love offroading, and love to get outside, then you've come to the right place. We've got tons of offroad trails, information on historic sites, and road trip ideas on our site. Use the menu above to begin planning your next adventure!


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Offroad Trails, Road Trips, Historic Sites, and more!

We've built our site to make it simple to navigate and quickly get tons of free information on everything about Arizona. While our speciality is off-roading, our greater focus is enjoying everything Arizona has to offer. Use the menu above or these quick links below to start learning and exploring.

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Historic sites liter the state and vary from entire ghost towns to simple road side monuments. Check out our collection of abandoned sites for an in-depth history or about how to access these forgotten places.

Recent Updates:

  • Our annual summer-offroad trip takes us down south this year. Be sure to tune into our Youtube Channel each Friday in August as we release a 4-part series on our latest adventure!


  • All fire closures have been lifted across the state. Keep in mind, local restrictions (no campfires, no smoking outdoors) may still remain in place in some regions. Check with local agencies before each trip.

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