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A map of some mine remains at the Tonopah-Belmont Mine

A map of the Morning Star mine

A map showing the overall 'junction'of the Belmont Mountain Trail

Hassayampa River [1]

Belmont Mountain Ride (easy)

The Belmont Mountain Trail begins just past the Central Arizona Project. The most easy way to get there is by exiting on 379th ave and turning left onto Indian School road. After this turn right onto 387 ave and than left onto northern. Once at Northern, continue on it until you get to 395th where you will make a right turn. Stay left as 395th crosses over the CAP. To the right lies a nice staging spot. Once unloaded begin riding north. You will come to three 'T's. Take a right at the first, left at the second and a right at the third. This will lead you right to Belmont Mountain. As you approach you can see foundations of mining buildings that once stood there. After this you come to a clearing. Going left then left again leads you to the main entrance of the mine. Going left and then right takes you around the backside of Belmont Mountain and the vertical shaft of the Tonopah-Belmont Mountain. Going right takes you to some more foundations and left takes you to Vulture Mine road (where the Morning Star mine is). Trip should me a good exploration and is up to the rider to decide which way to take. There are so many different trails and all of them are fun but short. We did everything but go north on Vulture Mine Road. *By taking Vulture Mine South, it takes you back to the staging spot.



The river bottom:


         At Morristown: This location has the most riding available. Heading south from Gates Road takes riders past the stunning red cliffs of the Hassayampa. You can ride many more miles south of here but may have to open and close a lot of gates. Heading north from Gates Road, the river bottom gets narrower as it approaches the railroad bridge. Depending on the time of year, it usually gets wetter the more upstream you go since the Hassayampa River Preserve is near Wickenburg and usually has flowing water. There are great trails that begin west of the Hassayampa and take you to old mining ruins and pristine desert as they wind through the Vulture Mountains. Be sure to check out Vulture Mountain Trail while you are here.


























         At I-10 (CLOSED): This used to be an awesome place to ride. Close to home, wide open areas to open up your vehicle, and challenging hills to play on. Unfortunately, this area has been closed down for quite a few years with no foreseeable re-opening. There is a cement plant north of I-10 that owns property along Tonopah-Salome Highway. Don’t trespass and stay out of this area for now.


        At Salome Highway: This is a smaller area to ride but it a good alternative to the I-10 location. There is a railroad bridge that serves as a good place to set up camp underneath. There is about a mile on either side of the bridge that provides a good place to open up the quads or whatever vehicle you have. At the south end, the Hassayampa River narrows and is fed by nearby irrigation. Try to stay to the north of it as the trails here are eventually disappear as you approach Old Highway 80.


























Summary/Trail Ratings: Overall, the Hassayampa River provides a fun place to get out and enjoy some time in the dirt. While it isn’t ideal for trail riding, in Morristown, there are plenty of trails to explore west of the river bottom. It should go without saying, but do not enter the river bottom if it is flooded or if rain is in the forecast anywhere upstream. You can spend 1 hour or 1 week having fun in the Hassayampa River.

The Hassayampa is a usually dry river that flows from north of Wickenburg to south of I-10. It offers numerous places along its length for off-roaders to play around in its sandy bottom.

Hassayampa at Salome

Page last updated: 5/10/2015

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Status: Intermittent

Trail Type: Open Area (River Bottom)

Length: N/A

Approx. time: 1+ hour

Traffic: Heavy

Current Info: BLM/Phoenix Field Office (623) 580-5500)

Elevation: 865' - 1780'

Nearest City: Wickenburg/Tonopah

Best Time: Spring-Fall

How to get there: There are several locations to set up camp and spend the day. Some are closed to the public (see below) but all locations are listed.


  • The northernmost place is in Morristown just southeast of Wickenburg. To get here, take U.S. 60 northwest from Surprise 22 miles to Gates Road. Turn left and follow the road an additional 2.3 miles until you reach the Hassayampa River. Parking is available east of the road and on the banks of the Hassayampa.  


  • Heading south is the Hassayampa River as it passes underneath I-10 (NOW CLOSED). This location was reached by taking I-10 west 30 miles from the West Valley to exit 103 (339th Ave.). This place has since been shut down to control dust and property owners have changed.


  • Further south is the Hassayampa River at Salome Highway. To reach this location, head west on I-10 from the West Valley for 30 miles to exit 103 (339th Ave) and turn left. Head south for 5.4 miles and turn left onto Salome Highway. Follow this for 2.7 miles. Once you cross over the railroad tracks, turn left off the highway and follow dirt road east to the Hassayampa River.

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