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The trails: Because this area covers so much land and so many miles of trails, it is best to look at the Boulders OHV Area in two sections, north and south. Refer to a map from the BLM of this area. The south half of Boulders OHV Area includes Route A, B, C, D, and LP 5, 6, and 8. These trails are mostly easy trails with easy hills and turns. All together they make about a four mile loop around the staging area. The north half of Boulders OHV Area includes LP 9, 10, and 11 and the northern part of LP 5. The north half features steeper hills and turns as well as several very rocky wash sections. This can be looped together to make a 13 mile loop.


  The south loop is more suited for beginners and will take about an hour or more to complete depending on where you go. The northern loop is more suited for experienced riders who want a challenge. This can take four or more hours depending on where you go.


 This area really is a great place to have some fun because it has such a variety of trails and it is well maintained. Special thanks to Charles Wells,, the Arizona Game & Fish Department, and the Bureau of Land Management for information and maps on this trail.



Contact information:


Bureau of Land Management

Hassayampa Field Office

(623) 580-5500


Arizona State Land Department

(602) 364-2753




Boulders OHV Area [ratings vary]

Overview of Boulders OHV Area

Spend a couple hours or a couple of days out at Boulders OHV Area and you’re guaranteed to have a good time. With a wide variety of trail ratings and miles upon miles of trails to ride on, this is a great place to bring the whole family to have fun at. Located in the low desert west of Lake Pleasant, Boulders OHV Area is a nice maintained place to legally play on your OHV.

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Page last updated: 5/10/2015

This trail is sponsored by:

Extreme Terrain (512x170)

Status: Open - Permit Req'd

Trail Type: Desert Trails (hills+washes)

Length: Varies

Approx. time: Varies

Traffic: Moderate

Current Info: BLM/Phoenix Field Office (623) 580-5500)

Elevation: 2000' - 2500'

Nearest City: Morristown

Best Time: Fall-Spring

Permits: A few things to know before going is that most of the land is BLM or State Trust Land. You’ll need a licensed vehicle or a vehicle with an OHV decal on it. If you need to get a state trust permit, check this website. Another thing to note is that because this trail is within the bounds of Maricopa County, it is subject to closure on days when a High Pollution Advisory for PM10 has been issued. Click here to check on current pollution advisories. Finally, travel here, like every other trail is limited to current roads. Carry a map, some water, and use common sense and this area will provide you some pristine trails close to the valley. Obey all posted rules!


How to get there: From the Loop 101 & I-17 interchange in north Phoenix, head north on I-17. After 8 miles, take exit 223B for Arizona 74 (Carefree Highway). Follow this for an additional 18 miles. Boulders OHV Area is between mile markers 11 and 12 just past Quintero Golf & Country Club. Access road to the main staging area is via a 1.1 mile road. Total distance is 29 miles.

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